The new special edition of the F4 collection designed by Testatonda creative studio is composed of seven complementary products, obtained by assembling 27 elements. In a rock, punk but also glam version

Rock and punk, velvety and glam: these are the intertwining tints suggested by Pink's not dead, the special edition of the F4 collection by Testatonda studio.

A collection that consists of 7 complementary products, obtained by assembling 27 individual parts: three tables of different sizes, a console, a chair and a bench with fabric cushions, to which is added Servo, a multifunctional piece of furniture.

The soft shapes seem to echo the shouts in the microphone of Johnny Rotten, the excesses of punk and the encounter with a new elegance, daring and silky at the same time.

The members of the structural complex that characterize the pieces in the collection – such as ribs –  seem to break down to recognize themselves under a single chromatic garment. The set of 7 products thus becomes a single sculpture, a hymn to color, covered by a silk tunic.

The approach is strong and sophisticated at the same time. To refine and embellish the F4 collection, a special fabric from l’Opificio that for the limited edition Pink's not dead dresses the bench and chair.

A precious symbol of the indissoluble link between haute couture and design, silk velvet was chosen.

For the special edition, the Testatonda designers worked on the concept of stylistic distraction. The silk velvet applied to the F4 collection represents the encounter between the slow waiting of the skilful manufacturing processes and the result, refined and precious: an always different product, exactly like the sound of a guitar solo is able to generate an ever new emotion.


The shooting – rock and glam – was made in the Comodo 64 studios in Turin by photographer Ivan Cazzola who with his impactful shots perfectly rendered the stylistic code and atmosphere of the limited edition of the F4 collection. Pink's not dead.