A streaming event open to all and presented by Francesco Mandelli will inaugurate the new Manifattura Tabacchi site. It will be the makers' neighborhood, the productive heart of the Florentine urban regeneration project

Manifattura Tabacchi has reached the second round. The redevelopment works began in February on buildings 4, 5 and 11, intended to house the second part of the Factory. A future community of makers destined to become the true heart of the Florentine regenerative project. There is certainly no lack of ambition and it is certainly relaunched by the success of the work done so far. In 2019 the new Polimoda headquarters was delivered. In the meantime, a small community of makers has landed in building B9: eleven realities that mix craftsmanship and design to investigate the new frontiers of technological and manufacturing know-how. Among them also the start-up of Stefano Mancuso PNAT, created to support the functional dialogue between urban architecture, nature and botany. SUPERBLAST selections are underway, the Artist Residences curated by NAM - NOT A MUSEUM, Manifattura Tabacchi's contemporary art program.

But from here on Manifattura Tabacchi is preparing for the most demanding part of the large redevelopment project. It will transform the 110 thousand square meters in disuse into a district designed to become the part of the city devoted to the debate on the contemporary. Manifattura will incorporate all the emerging themes into a range of cultural, business and social activities. The ambitious masterplan that transforms the former cigar factory was developed by world-class designers: with an original and sensitive approach SANAA in collaboration with Studio Mumbai has developed the meticulous functional program initially proposed by Concrete Architectural Associates. The development was then entrusted to the Florentine studio Q-bic, flanked by the landscape architect Antonio Perazzi and the award-winning Piuarch for the new construction. Everything suggests that Manifattura Tabacchi will be an excellent island where environmental sustainability and creative ecology support a new idea of the city. The relationship with Florence and its cultural and human heritage is in fact one of the main themes of the redevelopment. No wall will close the Manufacture and the road network aims to connect present and future in a lively exchange between citizens and the population who will live and work in the former factory.

The works that have just begun aim at the conservative restoration of over 28,000 square meters including the construction of a new contemporary, open and sustainable hub that will host commercial, exhibition, educational facilities and work spaces. Along with ateliers and laboratories, coworking, concept spaces, residential lofts, bars and restaurants. The new landmark of the project will be the Botanical Workshop, a hanging garden located on the roof of building 11, the former workshop of the Manifattura Tabacchi, with over 100 trees and 1,300 shrubs, perennials and herbs, open to the public. The part affected by the current works is the one that housed the production center of the factory. And it is this idea of "making" the pivotal thought around which every reflection on the future of the place is born. However, there will also be residential spaces and the services connected to them, in the conception of which Patricia Urquiola was also involved.

To remain in the climate of collective experimentation, the inauguration of the works and the construction site will be presented on 7 April at 12 pm with a digital event open to all. The Factory Show will be streaming on YouTube (at this link) and will be presented by Francesco Mandelli, actor, director, TV presenter and musician, the perfect testimonial of the Manufacture makers community. The actor will be directed by Nic Bello. "The beginning of the works of the Factory of Manifattura Tabacchi is a very important and symbolic moment of change. For us it represents the transition from 'thinking' to 'doing'. The soul of the project is to rediscover the contemporary part of Florence, offering a more 'fresh' dimension, a place where you can experiment, make mistakes, be innovative "- says the CEO of Manifattura Tabacchi Giovanni Manfredi.