The historic Palazzo Avino in Ravello hosts an exclusive boutique designed by Cristina Celestino

A cozy, sophisticated setting, balanced between land and sea, where nature has been transposed into regular geometric forms.

Palazzo Avino, the historic estate perched on the cliffs at Ravello, opens The Pink Closet, the boutique designed by Cristina Celestino.

The color pink, a symbol of the hotel inside the villa, and the sea form the starting point for the project, that follows a specially developed stylistic path to establish a dialogue between the building and the surroundings.

Past the threshold, visitors find themselves in a treasure chest with marine shadows shaded into the depths of the space.

In the powder pink setting of the walls and high ceilings, the multicolor inlaid marble floor stands out, echoing the shading of the background: from tones of aquamarine green, by way of Liberty green and Aegean pink.

A game of references takes over the space.

Transparencies and reflecting surfaces of antique-finish mirrors cross the rooms, while certain furnishings suggest the surface of the sea. Walls partially covered in glazed ceramic seashells feature a mixture of pale green and pink tones that fade to the point of vanishing.

The central island is a functional micro-architectural work clad in mirrors and soft leather.

The space, full of unusual forms and precious details, discreetly reveals the vitrines of wonder, small seats and furnishings with sinuous lines, while the dressing room is a soft enclosure clad in decorative carpeting.

The project is completed by two large suspension lamps inspired by the world of jewelry, a rotating mirror and a precious micro-mosaic in marble and mirrors.

A small work of architecture that contains different colors, materials and textures in harmony, to grant visitors an immersive, visual and tactile experience, right from the threshold. A project that is an ode to beauty in all its forms (Cristina Celestino)"