The design is tinged with white: Scrigno Essential inspires the Quartospazio studio for a two-family apartment

Essential is the brand of flush-to-the-wall doors and counterframes designed by Scrigno. Sliding and swing doors, where jambs and architraves disappear. The design has eliminated all external elements, minimizing the off-wall finishing part. Both physically and visually, the wall is free from jambs and other finishes, leaving the openings between one room and another with maximum continuity and fluidity. The absence of jambs and architraves makes the door almost invisible, to the advantage of maximum homogeneity between the rooms and continuity between door and wall. Available in hinged or sliding version, both for masonry and plasterboard walls, Essential is able to blend with the style of the house, thanks to the possibility of adopting the same finish as the walls for the door panels, including wallpaper. Alternatively, it can become an element of contrast, with chromatic variations with a strong aesthetic impact.

The Essential range of Scrigno proved to be the ideal choice for Quartospazio, a creative and architecture studio, specializing in architectural planning, construction management and design, thanks to its lightness, guaranteed by sharp and clean lines that fit into a balanced relationship in the alternation between straight and curved surfaces. “Scrigno is for us a guarantee of excellence and quality, requisites already proven in various previously implemented projects. The Essential range, characterized by a minimal and original style, by virtue of its extreme versatility favors a dynamic reinterpretation of the interior, making each project unique ", explains architect Giovanni Toldo.

In the historic center of Nogaredo, a few kilometers from Rovereto, this renovation was carried out in a two-family apartment. The house has been reorganized, with a view to greater functionality of the rooms, where a large living area is replaced by a comfortable sleeping area. The cellars, on the ground floor, have been renovated leaving room for a large and elegant living room. An ad hoc designed staircase, made of steel box with glass wall, connects the two levels. They confer harmony between the different rooms of the house, the doors and the Essential flush-to-wall sliding doors by Scrigno, whose boundaries seem to disappear completely, thanks to a white finish in total continuity with the wall. Stone elements embellish the rooms, such as the outlines of the portals and the marbles of Valpolicella, laid on the radiant floor. The combination of more solid materials anchored to tradition with light plasterboard or glass elements responds to a clear design strategy aimed at emphasizing the final effect, for a surprising aesthetic result. In the intervention, the neutral color of the chosen solutions transforms the apartment into an ethereal space, free from unnecessary architectural elements, where the predominance of white creates synergy between an almost sculptural aesthetic and contemporary interior design.