Coral Beach is the table by Fiam Italia designed by Mac Stopa for the press office of Human Spaces

Fiam Italia represents the encounter between idea and matter, crafts and innovation, a narrative that spreads beyond the tangible to question the meaning of design, the emotion of beauty and the awareness of corporate responsibility.

This attitude contextualizes the creations of Fiam and its world-class designers into a harmonious whole, making them meet in a conversation made of passion and emotional intelligence.

The flair and creativity of glass shifts focus from the base to the top with Coral Beach by Mac Stopa, which combines design, decor and passion for graphics into an aesthetic discipline that communicates its charm through mathematics and geometry, modular parts, sculpture and digital art.

Coral Beach is based on the organic, perfect forms of nature and modern architectural design, constructing a synergy between traditional crafts and cutting-edge methods like 3D printing, to create a table whose surface resembles marine landscapes and the encounter on the shore between water and sand.