Ceramiche Keope creates the floors of Hotel La Guardia on the island of Giglio

La Guardia, the 4-star design hotel based on a renovation that combines invention and conservation, faces the port of Isola del Giglio. Ceramiche Keope has been chosen as a partner for the design of the surfaces.

The decor for hospitality and wellness coexists in harmony with the cement-effect Moov collection, which embodies the elegance of urban style with soft graphic effects, with a slight sense of movement based on the natural irregularities of concrete. The hues range from pale and delicate to more intense, with an accent on Ivory that goes well with objects like straw lamps, rough wooden tables and casual seating.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the Moov cement-effect collection offers designers and architects maximum freedom, thanks to the wide selection of formats and finishes.

The Moov series features the GreenThinking logo, a symbol of the concrete commitment of Ceramiche Keope to protect nature, and the trademark Made in Italy, a guarantee of style, design, innovation and quality, but above all of respect for the environment and people.

Photo: Luciano Busani