Edoardo Tresoldi presents Tresoldi Studio, at Via Zante 14 in Milan

With an event that welcomed over 400 guests, Edoardo Tresoldi presented Tresoldi Studio, his new headquarters in the lively former industrial zone of Mecenate in Milan. The citadel of red brick buildings, poised to become one of the new creative districts of the city, with its echoes of the London Docks, already contains Gucci Hub and Sky, and companies like Fabrique, East Market and East End Studios.

Tresoldi Studio is the place where the visions of the Milanese artist become gestures. Created inside a former industrial space of 700 square meters, subdivided into office and workshop zones, Tresoldi Studio is a new creative factory inside an international city, with a vocation for innovation and constant transformation.

A sort of miniature metropolis on a human scale, a contemporary urban workshop for networking, experimentation and interdisciplinary collaborations. Tresoldi Studio, for Edoardo Tresoldi, is a starting point and an open site for new networks of collaboration.