At the Human Spaces exhibition, installation Abitare il Paese / Open Nests designed by Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto is a network of suspended and intertwined elements that hints at the relationship between environmental quality and design practice

The “Abitare il Paese” project was launched during the 7th National Conference of Italian Architects (CNAPPC) to adopt public policies for the cities and start a national urban regeneration programme. An action plan to channel economic resources towards integrated urban projects, model examples in terms of environmental excellence and innovation, with a focus on people.

These values are represented in the “
Abitare il Paese / Open Nests" installation by Migliore + Servetto Architects in the Hall of the Aula Magna of the Università degli Studi of Milan. A project based on two levels of content, with two levels of environmental narration.

The first is the connection, interpreted as physical and conceptual synthesis, of the relationships set up by the Council to raise awareness about the close relationships between design quality and the final quality of the environment around us; the second is sharing, and its iconic reference is the architect’s work table, a space to meet and conceive ideas.

"We wanted to establish a physical and conceptual network of relations, with the participation of a wide and international audience ", explains Mara Servetto. We have transformed an area of transit into an area of staying and a place of identity. A scenario to establish relationships, consisting of suspended and intertwined elements in a dialogue with the light and the surrounding environment".

A space of narration in dialogue with the architectural space, a space to welcome and listen that generates a strong sense of belonging.

"We have created a table of ideas and statements, to think about the topical themes of housing and the role of architects", continues Ico Migliore. "Themes like architecture, people, infrastructures and nature."

An installation that wonders about these topics and where everybody can leave their contributions answering a question "What do you think of it?"