Milan is the first step for Ultimo Tocco, the food delivery service with repasts created by food designers, featuring recipes to be completed at home before consumption

Not a restaurant that also has a delivery service, but a true creative workshop where foods are prepared to be eaten in another place, at another time. The customer chooses and orders, after where he or she can enjoy completing the process in the home or office, in a few minutes, adding the ‘final touches’ to the meal. Alone or with guests, Ultimo Tocco offers the ideal solution for any situation.

The idea of uniting two ‘distant’ kitchens comes from two food designers, Paolo Barichella and Mauro Olivieri. A design delivery service, thanks to specific preparation techniques and special methods for the creation of recipes in two different phases.

A wide variety of innovative dishes that are also simple and tasty, ‘finished’ with the equipment customers have in their own kitchens, from the frying pan to the microwave oven. At the Ultimo Tocco website ( you can choose from risotto and pasta dishes, flatbread sandwiches, aperitifs, desserts, at affordable prices and always available.

All the items can be ordered from 11.00 to 20.00, and the foods can be stored in the refrigerator for two or three days before consumption. They reach the home or office by Glovo delivery in single-portion baggies or recyclable polypropylene containers.