The production of Acerbis has found a new home in the heart of the design capital, inside the flagship store of MDF Italia (Via della Chiusa-Via Crocefisso), which since the end of October has hosted both collections in an area of over 600 m2, with 250 set aside for the new arrival

At the entrance to the showroom a temporary exhibition of original products from the historical archive of the company, a tangible sign of the new presence, fascinates visitors with reminders of the historic status and value of the brand, through the iconic design of a number of items now seen in the most important museums and exhibitions of design around the world. They include: Solemio (1983), a luminous shelf with a rotating mirror; and Brooklyn (1977), bridge shelving that stands out for its reticular beam placed between two pylons, with shelves suspended on slender steel ties. Both projects are by Lodovico Acerbis & Giotto Stoppino.

Enrico Acerbis, brand ambassador of Acerbis for MDF Italia, after having directed the company for the last five years, comments on the operation: “Representing the fourth generation means becoming a spokesman for a historical legacy of 150 years of family tradition in the world of furniture, while also being aware that it is necessary to know how to evolve, like those who came before us, to approach the challenges of a world that is constantly changing.”

In the words of Franco Cassina – the fourth generation of his family, and sales manager of MDF Italia – Acerbis represents a great opportunity: “this is an operation of remarkable prestige that brings together not just two famous brands but also two families that have made design history, sharing forms of expertise, values and a passion for what they do.”

The challenge is to re-energize a historic brand like Acerbis, which in 2020 celebrates its 150th anniversary, on international markets through enhancement of the historic collection that includes pieces by some of the most famous names in design, and through the more contemporary lines of the recent additions to the range, based on the creative flair of young designers.