Founded by the young and enterprising Laura Abe Vettoretti and Maria Dolores Uribe, Unno is the first digital gallery dedicated to Latin American design that intertwines the millennial wisdom – ancestral and sacred – of local craftsmen with the creative potential of contemporary artists

of history, enigmatic and lyrical, 32 General Prim is the Porphyry house of the early twentieth century located in the Colonia Juarez district of Mexico City that frames the presentation of Unno, a digital gallery dedicated to Latin American design.

The double-height main courtyard, surrounded by peeling walls, embellished with luxuriant vegetation, is the stage on which material creations with a primordial and mystical aura are staged, defined by pure but raw, archaic and at the same time contemporary lines. To stand out, like rare and precious gems, the details, cared for and precious.

In an atmosphere of indefinite time  suspended , surrounded by essential sculptural pieces, with primitive and spiritual references, made of jade, lava, cast bronze, onyx, obsidian, brass and black marble thanks to ancient techniques and 'ceremonials', it seems to be immersed in a novel of South American literature.

Founded by the young and creative dynamics Laura Abe Vettoretti, architect and sculptor, and Maria Dolores Uribe, interior designer, the digital gallery Unno refers to the idea that Latin American cultures, peoples and countries can share the common heritage – primordial and sacral  that unites them, to be brought, in the form of works of art and design and thanks to online – in every part of the world.

The pieces between art and design proposed by the gallery – signed by Abe and Maria Dolores themselves, by Mexican designers Cesar Nuñez and Bandido Studio and by Ian Felton who is inspired by pre-Columbian animism – share a communion of intent and inspiration: different voices and styles make up a tribute to the sacred origins of the millennial peoples of Latin America.

The stylistic language handed down from the ancestors is intertwined with the purity of modern lines, the wisdom of local artisans with the potential of contemporary creatives, in a connection between time, space and art. This is how material pieces are born, linked to the roots but projected into the future: works that speak of primordial memory and conceptual tradition declined in the current creative  and digital  scenario.

“The gallery, founded by and for young designers” tell Abe and Maria Dolores “wants to be the spokesperson for a contemporary vision of Latin American culture. The pieces that Unno proposes want to pay homage to the visual language inherited from our ancestors. We chose this name, inspired by the Spanish word uno (one), precisely to highlight that there is only one culture that unites these places, today fragmented by a plurality of nations. A single millenary, powerful and unique culture”.

Unno propone un nuovo modo di presentare l'arte e il design, privo di qualsiasi spazio espositivo fisico, ma (quindi) alla portata di ogni città e Paese del mondo: una nozione globalizzata di design, capace di superare i confini geografici (e individualistici).

“The designers we represent” the founders continue “collaborate with artisans who are able to restore ancient techniques that belonged to the peoples who inhabited these places: the creative processes are united by the desire to reconnect to our origins”.

“In fact, for us it is very important to tell the story of the designers and artists who are part of the gallery because we want their vision to be understood, the bond that unites them and above all the unique value of each piece” conclude Abe and Maria Dolores.