The careful selection of preconfigured solutions chosen from among the design classics for the USM online shop, allows the quick delivery of a best seller of the company in just three or four weeks

With the new USM Selection, the 30 best-selling pieces of furniture of the Swiss company, pre-configured and available in the 14 colors of the range, find their ideal showcase in the online shop. Not only products for the home office, but also tables, containers with wheels and service trolleys, shelves, TV / Hi-Fi furniture, furnishing accessories, sideboards and accessories, as well as the USM Haller E solutions enriched by components of built-in lighting. The delivery of the selected and ordered top sellers, taken care of by the local retailer, takes place in just three or four weeks.

All the product lines are the practical declination of the principle according to which the form is adapted to the function. Thus a formal simplicity is born flanked by a functional richness, a concentration of essentiality, an integral part and hallmark of the USM world. The new online shop also remains faithful to those principles with a small selection of its most important classics, available at this link.

Furthermore, thanks to the online shop configurator, USM takes another step forward, without setting limits on creativity. With a few clicks you can configure the desired furniture, according to your needs. You start by choosing the structure and dimensions, then insert the doors and the removable compartments. The furniture will then be painted and finished in the chosen color.

Thanks to a special form, the customer will be put in contact with the retailer closest to him, and will be able to order the piece of furniture he has personally configured. Shipping takes place within six to eight weeks.