The young startup Vaia has created a smartphone holder amplifier using the wood of the trees felled by the Vaia storm, thus recovering the material and giving work to local artisans. A tree is also planted for each product sold

Founded by three young people under 30, the startup Vaia recovers the wood of the trees felled by the storm of the same name, which in 2018 devastated some of the most beautiful areas of the Dolomites, to create Vaia Cube, a 100% natural smartphone amplifier, made with collaboration of carpenters and artisans in the affected areas.

The target? Revive the affected forests by planting a new tree for each amplifier sold. To date, the startup, which has sold over 15,000 products, has planted 5,000 trees in the valleys of Veneto and Trentino.

How to concretely respond to the consequences of a climate disaster? It is from this question that Cube is born, a pleasant and evocative object with which Vaia wants to contribute to the rebirth of the affected forests and the restart of the community and the territory.

Cube is handcrafted and free of electrical components. The exterior is in Val di Fassa spruce, a type of precious spruce that has always been used to produce violins, while the interior is in larch. The design of the object was developed so that the hollow structure of the wood directs the sound of the telephone in one direction and that the particular processing amplifies its timbre. To make it unique, the split engraved on the top, as a symbol of the wound inflicted on the Dolomites by the storm.

In this way the trees uprooted by storm Vaia, the largest forest catastrophe in Italy in the last 50 years, become amplifiers of 100% natural design. In a (completely) circular perspective, the startup plants a new tree for each cube sold.

Founders of the startup three young people, Federico Stefani, Paolo Milan and Giuseppe Addamo, who tell “Cube is handcrafted, each piece is unique. Beyond the product, what we care about is contributing to a vision for the future. Our mission is to create useful objects, both for people and for nature, recovering raw materials from places affected by natural disasters. Starting, in fact, with the trees felled by Vaia in the Dolomites.

The startup aims to contribute to the transition from a vertical to a circular economy, thus generating benefits for the entire ecosystem. “The value generated by a company cannot ignore the social and environmental dimension in which it operates”, the three entrepreneurs continue, “a company must produce a positive impact in the world: only in this way does it create value. In Vaia we try to do it every day.

The liveliness of the startup community and the appreciation for the contribution to raising awareness about environmental protection also emerged during Vaia Day, a day of discussion and reflection that took place on Sunday 8 November 2020 as part of the project “A Planet that I would like”, In collaboration with the H2O + association and with the contribution of the Caritro Foundation – Cassa di Risparmio di Trento and Rovereto. During the online debates, the fundamental role of research and innovation in being able to combine profit and zero impact emerged.