Lapitec, a unique material for design and architecture

With sales growth, an expanding market and international acclaim, Lapitec is one of the most interesting case studies in the world of design of recent years, in the light of the fact that the first slab of the material hit the market in 2012, just 8 years ago.

This success is the result of a combination of characteristics responding to market trends: Lapitec is a 100% full-body sintered stone that offers design versatility with the guarantee of perfect aesthetic results and high technical performance.

Lapitec slabs, measuring 3365 mm in length, come in 17 colors and 7 different surface textures, also made to measure, for use not only as cladding of vertical and horizontal surfaces, but also on ventilated facades, roofs, floors, swimming pools and products, from tables to consoles, bathrooms to kitchens, where the total lack of porosity of surfaces is ideal for hygiene and easy maintenance.

A material that lends itself to any type of use, as an ideal option for architects on an international level. In recent years the firm has supplied slabs for public buildings, residential complexes, religious facilities, but also for the creation – in collaboration with other design brands – of kitchens, outdoor furnishings, tables and technologies of the latest generation.