The new systems for doors and windows from Schüco

The Schüco systems for windows and doors can be structured for high levels of protection against breakage, thanks to solid aluminium sections, particular hidden protection components and processes that comply with precise production and assembly specifications. The Schüco systems AWS 90BR for security windows and ADS 90BR for security doors offer very high levels of protection, conserving all the advantages of Schüco projects (acoustic and thermal sealing and insulation) accompanied by attractive design. All the Schüco system solutions to increase security are based on the same principle: keeping the image intact while using built-in auxiliary mechanisms concealed in the windows and doors, to leave plenty of roof for architectural and chromatic creativity. Casements are classified according to security level, depending on resistance to break-in attempts, even with the most aggressive methods. Break-in resistance for the Schüco AWS 90BR window system and the Schüco ADS 90BR door system is rated RC4 (Resistance Class 4), higher than other doors and windows available on the market. The same is true of the systems’ resistance to bullets, rated in class FB4. Info: