In Carinaro, in Campania, Whirlpool Corporation opens the first center for the reconditioning of its household appliances. Objective: to prepare objects for a second life, without compromising on quality

Following the dynamic flow of ever new production methods, sustainable and green oriented materials and processes, even in the field of domestic technology, the time has come to explore reuse.

Because if it is true that we are now accustomed to buying second hand when it comes to clothes, furniture or even cars, it is equally irrefutable that we are less habitué of used tech.

And in particular household appliances. Objects for which, specifically, we speak of reconditioning: the term - which is also synonymous with guarantee and quality - indicates that the second life of the object is possible, validated by a series of post -consumption.

Whirlpool Corporation, with the pioneering vision that distinguishes the company, has taken this road by inaugurating the first center for the reconditioning of its household appliances in Carinaro (Caserta), within the spare parts and accessories logistics hub of Whirlpool EMEA.

Post-consumption: the Italian sentiment

According to the YouTrend[1] research commissioned by Whirlpool Corporation with the aim of clarifying the habits and opinions of Italians with respect to household appliances or other refurbished devices, 82% of Italian consumers who have purchased reconditioned devices[2] would recommend their purchase as it is a sustainable choice and behaviour.

In fact, 15% of those interviewed associate the issues of repair and reuse with environmental sustainability.

By choosing a reconditioned product, in addition to saving, the consumer therefore feels he is actively contributing to the protection of the environment, participating in a concrete way in the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste generated to be disposed of.

In this sense, the purchase translates into a convinced and efficient daily attitude. A sentiment that Whirlpool wishes to respond to by providing a real solution: a center in which to prepare the transition to second life meticulously.

How the Whirlpool Corporation Remanufacturing Center works

Inside the Whirlpool reconditioning centre, household appliances prepare (and are being prepared) for a new life, which also means a new home, a new use, and therefore , new expectations of durability on the part of the consumer – because one imagines that a customer who has decided to buy a reconditioned product is not willing to compromise on quality.

Precisely for this reason, once they arrive on site, Whirlpool appliances undergo a careful repair and quality control process, which is useful and preliminary to their re-introduction on the market for sale.

During this process, there are numerous tests and trial steps to which each appliance must respond positively, to guarantee 100% product quality precisely in the name of a non-compromise, but rather a lucid, aware and performing choice.


  • [1] The interviews were conducted with the CATI-CAWI method between 19 and 27 April 2022 on a sample of 1514 cases representing the adult population residing in Italy + 500 cases representing the adult population residing in the territory of the Marche and Lombardy regions. The sample is investigated by cross-section of sex and age, stratified by educational qualification and macro-region of residence.

  • [2] A refurbished product is a product that has undergone a repair and maintenance process, therefore – if resold – it cannot be defined as “new”, even if it may never have been used.

  • [3] The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that involves the recycling and reuse of materials, repair, reuse and reconditioning (Source: European Parliament).