Designed by Whirpool in collaboration with Odile Decq for the major Interni 2023 exhibition-event, Design Re-Evolution, the Synesthetic Swirl installation received the IF Design Awards for the Interior Architecture/Installations category

The "Synesthetic Swirl" installation by Whirlpool, designed by the household appliances company in collaboration with the architect Odile Decq and presented at the FuoriSalone 2023 in the context of the major exhibition-event of INTERNI "Design Re-Evolution" was awarded the iF Label recognition of the IF Design Award 2024, one of the most relevant and coveted competitions in the sector.

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Evaluated and selected by an international jury, Whirlpool's artistic installation "Synesthetic Swirl" told the story of how dealing with design means, first of all, dealing with the well-being of people.

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To obtain the recognition of excellence of the iF Design Award, assigned by the oldest independent design organization in the world, Whirlpool was selected from almost 11,000 participants from 72 countries, by a jury made up of 132 independent, industry-savvy members from around the world who award awards based on five specific criteria: idea, form, function, impact and differentiation.

For Whirlpool, the word 'design' encompasses the way in which style, quality and product features combine to adapt to the lifestyle of its consumers, offering a better experience every day and helping to build a virtuous future.

Why Whirlpool won the iF Design Award

At the top of the ranking according to the iF Award jurors in the Interior Architecture/Installations category, the work “Synesthetic Swirl” aroused interest thanks to the combination of design and materials.

In particular, the creative use of Whirlpool induction hobs, which made them a focal point of the entire exhibition, allowing visitors to enter the sculpture and embark on a real sensorial journey.

In this way the work gave a new meaning to the language of design and materials of the brand's appliances, arousing wonder and a sense of well-being in visitors. Thus, the installation tells how Whirlpool's design can transform domestic life into an everyday experience.

The installation was created within the Whirlpool partnership with the design magazine INTERNI, in the role of co-producer of the INTERNI “DESIGN RE-EVOLUTION” exhibition at the FuoriSalone 2023.