Like wild flowers, the lighting sculpture releases all the spontaneous and whispered poetics of Alessandra Baldereschi. An object of memory, hand-painted but developed thanks to 3D technology, which reinterprets Capodimonte floral porcelain through an associative and emotional process

“The objects’ memory that we touch and which we cope with it’s the deepest secret of our existence. Put one next to the other, the objects have the enigmatic power to interpret a story, ours” writes the writer, Nobel prize for literature, Orhan Pamuk.

And it is this vision  narrative and everyday, apparently useless, in reality cultured and strongly symbolic – that Alessandra Baldereschi mentions in her latest creation.

The Milanese designer who prefers the light gesture and draws from the world of nature  sometimes they are woods and fairy-tale animals, others are home gardens and grandmother's remedies  presents Wild Flowers, a wall lamp that seems drawn in pencil, with a simple and wild.

Like wildflowers, the lighting sculpture releases all of Alessandra's spontaneous and whispered poetics. The lit-Led wall lamp made in hand painted corn resin refers to memories, places and objects of memory but is developed thanks to 3D technology.

Through an associative and emotional process, Wild Flowers is inspired by Capodimonte's floral porcelain, reinterpreting them with a graceful  and enchanted touch.

A drawn flower, an invented flower: a species that does not exist in nature but is capable of evoking endless fields.