Workplace as Life Place. This is the motto behind the new mission of Resstende, working together with the studio of Renzo Piano to create a project for MUSE, the Museum of Science of Trento. The goal is to ensure comfort in the workplace in tune with daring design elements that adapt to the specificities of the space created by Piano.

At the MUSE the themes of the exhibition itinerary are conveyed by form and volume, while conserving extensive flexibility for the set-up of the spaces, typical of a museum of the new generation. The building is composed of a sequence of spaces and volumes, full and empty zones, over a large reflecting pool. Everything is held together, from above, by the large pitches of the roof that adapt to the forms, becoming a true landmark feature.

The museum has automated and mechanized systems for the use of solar and geothermal energy. The items supplied by Resstende are the result of the company’s extensive expertise, applied to the specific context: technical prowess and insertion of blinds and curtains in the architectural design.

The management of lighting scenarios through a sunscreening system will be implemented with the Boston 110 model together with the Traction Kit 55 system. Boston is one of the Resstende systems of exclusive design and high-tech performance, developed for application on facades to make blinds an integral part of the overall architectural design. The CT110 housing is in extruded aluminium, and all the systems are motorized.

The systems will be mounted on a structure of wooden beams and placed at an angle of 50° using custom plates. The fabric selected is Sunscreen Satiné 5501, composed of 42% in fiberglass and 58% PVC.