The historic furniture brand entrusts the artistic direction to the well-known designer and architect, a return that marks a new beginning

Since its inception, over 50 years ago, BBB has always been synonymous with innovation in furniture, thanks to a proposal that combines ergonomics, research into materials and comfort and a progressive choice by the brand of professionals in the sector who are always able to bring a fresh vision, updated according to the different eras.

And, today, with the renewed desire to interpret the brand in a contemporary key, but always keeping faith with the values underlying the group's production, BBB entrusts Marco Piva with the role of artistic director.

There are numerous designers and architects who figure in the history of the brand, guaranteeing an always attentive qualitative research: starting from Gio Ponti, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Giorgio Decursu, De Pas D'Urbino Lomazzi, passing through Renè Barba, Paolo Favaretto , Harri Koskinen, Marco Piva, Franco Poli, arriving at Bruno Rainaldi, Serena Vinciguerra and many other emerging talents.

Marco Piva artistic director of BBB

Marco Piva, a traveler even before being a designer, is an innovator who is dedicated to the creation of unique design solutions, characterized by stylistic freedom, functionality and emotion.

The Studio Marco Piva, with important offices in Milan and Shanghai, where a hundred collaborators work, he has carried out important projects in Italy and abroad such as the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, the Pantheon Iconic Hotel in Rome, the Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani in Venice, the Radisson Collection Palazzo Touring Club in Milan and the Port Palace in Monte Carlo; to which are added multiple projects in Asia such as the Feng Tai Financial Center in Beijing, and the Culture and Art Center Design of Yuhang and the complex of Tonino Lamborghini towers in Chengdu, which will be inaugurated in autumn 2023. Villas are also being designed private companies, residential complexes such as Princype and Syre in Milan, as well as many hotel projects and the recovery of historic buildings, in Italy and abroad.

Open to the world and deeply attached to his Italian spirit, Marco Piva is known for his ability to dialogue with other cultures for the creation of integrated works, where the international character of the same is combined with the cultural roots Italian architect and designer.

Marco Piva and BBB, a comeback

“The house, a 'human place' par excellence, becomes for BBB a suggestive place in every environment, its products are able to interpret its needs and tensions in a historical context in which the spaces they are contaminated in a dynamic process of functional, perceptive, aesthetic transformation. – says Marco Piva.

BBB design takes shape in its elegant approach: both natural and synthetic materials are composed in unique and essential geometries, embellished with highly refined details, giving life to timeless objects.

For me it is a great pleasure to be able to take on this role, rediscovering the same values as when, as a young designer, I created the Collection Plan for BBB, and which today are projected into the future with a vision that starts from the great tradition to meet new and innovative materials, techniques and functions.”

“For BBB, the agreement with Marco Piva marks a new fundamental point for the relaunch of the brand that began a couple of years ago thanks to the precious contribution of Franco Poli, whom we thank for the excellent work carried out and with whom a fruitful collaboration will continue in the future - says Vittorino Fumiani, managing director of BBB Italia - We are sure that with this new management we will be able to give the BBB brand that strong and universally recognized identity of quality, innovation and originality that has always distinguished us".