Founded in 1923 as a woodworking shop, Calligaris is now a leader in the field of Italian Smart Design. Today the product range covers the entire decor universe, from chairs to lighting.

The manufacturing is organized in eight facilities in Italy and abroad (with a plant for semifinished products in wood in Croatia), with affiliates in the USA, Japan, France, England, Germany and Russia. The sales organization relies on partners and dealers in over 90 different countries.

The Calligaris Inc. affiliate is based in High Point (North Carolina), with offices and warehouses for the North and South American markets, where Calligaris operates with monobrand stores in New York, Miami, Washington and Los Angeles.

Calligaris Store Miami is located at 3915 Biscayne Blvd, in the heart of Miami and just a few steps from the Miami Design District. The space of 476 m2 is an ideal location to demonstrate the Calligaris philosophy of Italian Smart Design.

Calligaris Store Miami 3915 Biscayne Boulevard / Suite 103 – Design District Miami 33137