The Danish brand's new outdoor collection combines soft shapes, essential lok and maximum comfort

Simplicity Clarity & Logic are the three words that stand out in the centre of the Alfred Homann Design home page. Simplicity, meaning sobriety, the absence of all that is unnecessarily complicated and superfluous; clarity, meaning clearness, transparency, rejection of all forms of ambiguity; logic, a vision that approaches design culture in relation to the interdependent relationship between the various elements that constitute it (values, sensitivity, skills, creativity). In the tradition of Scandinavian design, Alfred Homann (who passed away in 2022 at the age of 74) placed beauty, efficiency, versatility and usability at the centre of his design philosophy (in both design and architecture) in every piece he designed. Details that go hand in hand with a passion for wood, a material particularly dear to Northern Europe, innovative, original, natural and sustainable.

Essential, versatile, combinable

AH Outdoor is the new collection, designed by Homann for Carl Hansen&Son,, which combines rigorous design with soft details. During the development of the collection, superfluous details were eliminated in favour of an essential look and high functionality. The series, consisting of eleven pieces of furniture, includes dining tables and chairs, a bench, lounge tables and chairs and a chaise-longue that can be freely combined according to one's needs.

Valuable outdoor

"AH Outdoor has a strong and decisive expression of its own and fits authoritatively into our outdoor collection, where it sits between Bodil Kjær's Indoor-Outdoor cubist series and Børge Mogensen's folding outdoor furniture. In addition, it responds to some very specific requirements for stackable furniture with a high aesthetic value, which does not compromise on materials or craftsmanship," explains Knud Erik Hansen, Managing Director of the Danish brand.

Rigour and softness

AH Outdoor is born out of an extreme rigour that combines with Homann's taste for soft shapes: this is evident in the curved armrests, as well as in the curves of the backrests and seats, whose supports envelop the structure. Joints carefully hand-polished by Carl Hansen&Son craftsmen to make the surface soft and pleasant to the touch.

Form and function

Another detail that shows Homann's high standards in terms of form and function is that all tables and chairs in the series can be stacked, so that they can be easily stored away when not in use.

The qualities of teak

The new AH Outdoor series is made of teak, a hard, durable wood that is well suited to a changing climate and offers high durability due to its high content of natural oils. Untreated, teak patinas over time, gradually acquiring a more silvery hue. The series offers a high degree of comfort with and without the cushions, which are made of weather-resistant fabric.