A selection of readings for enthusiasts and professionals, for those who want to reserve a space on the bedside table for design and architecture

Like every month, we offer you a mini guide to the must-reads on the subject of architecture and design.

Books to read in April 2022: design and architecture

Gloria Cortina: Interiors, Modernity & Myth. Foreword by Sean Kelly, Text by Jay Merrick, RizzoliUsa, 65 dollars.

There are vacation homes in Cabo San Lucas, the penthouse suite at the Sebastian resort in Vail, Colorado, luxury apartments in New York and monumental homes in Mexico City. The one to be released on April 18 for the publisher Rizzoli Usa, curated by the gallerist Sean Kelly and the architecture critic Jay Merrick, is a journey through the most important projects of Mexican-born interior and furniture designer Gloria Cortina. A volume accompanied by splendid photographs that allow us to grasp all the richness of the world of Cortina, from Mayan artefacts to Cubism, to 20th century modernist art and architecture, from Mexico's unique artistic and artisan heritage to nature and sites archaeological. An inner world that has allowed her to translate European and modernist influences and the artistic and artisanal heritage of Mexico into objects characterized by luxurious materials such as tropical wood, stone, textured metal, fabrics, bronze, obsidian and quartz.

Who will like it: Those of contemporary designers who love to learn about cultural heritage and passions. Essential reading keys to understand the present and anticipate the future.

The places of design in Italy. Pierluigi Masini, Antonella Galli, Baldini+Castoldi, 22 euros.

A book that -finally- does not answer the question "what is" but "where is" the design. To do this, journalists Antonella Galli and Pierluigi Masini traveled far and wide across our country and compiled an itinerary in 14 stages. A journey that allows the reader to converse with objects and understand their origin made up of the inspirations, lives and talent of the protagonists who accompanied the birth and development of Italian design. From the undisputed capital that is Milan to the MAXXI in Rome, from the Sorrento Coast to Murano, from the Poltrona Frau Museum to the splendid mosaics of the Bisazza Foundation. "The places of design" is therefore above all a guide, to be read to learn how to enhance the heritage of our country.

Who will like it: Anyone who decides to travel those same roads to discover design in its places of origin, deposits of culture, imagination and knowledge that are right here, around the corner.

George Maciunas. Fluxus writings edited by Patrizio Peterlini and Angela Sanna, Electa, 22 euros

Fruit of the collaboration between the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan) and the Bonotto Foundation (Colceresa), this book brings together for the first time a significant selection of public and private writings by George Maciunas (1931-1978), the founder of the famous Fluxus movement. Movement which, by its very nomadic and inclusive nature, involved intelligences from different fields: artists, musicians, designers and architects. Developed between 1962 - the year of the first Fluxus manifesto - and 1978, the year of Maciunas' death, these pages thus highlight the founding aspects of the movement. And they bring us together protagonists such as Walter De Maria, Dick Higgins, La Monte Young, Larry Miller, Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono and many other artists and musicians with whom Maciunas had intense relationships of collaboration and friendship.

Who will like it: Those nostalgic for that unique and very lively climate that represented the decade 1960-1970 in the world of international art, design and architecture.

Design Quotidiano, AA.VV., book produced by La Repubblica in collaboration with Triennale Milano

Born as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Milan Triennale, the book Design Quotidiano brings together one hundred of the most famous objects in the world that are part of the Triennale design collection and which are told through ten thematic categories. The result is an overview of the history of Italian design that arises from a transversal and curious look at the companies and protagonists who made it great. After being distributed free with Repubblica on Thursday 30 March, the book is now on sale in all newsstands.

Who will like it: To the very young who, attentive to the various contemporary aesthetic languages, will be able to discover the story of one hundred marvelous everyday objects known only through films, photographs or design books.

Ten Houses. Carlo Donati, Maggioli publisher, 40 euros

What does it mean to design a house? For Carlo Donati, who has been imagining, designing and building prestigious homes in Italy and around the world for many years, it is in some way also the result of contaminations and forays into the world of art, cinema and pop culture. An interesting and never predictable mix well told in the book Dieci Case, a volume that collects the images and drawings of twenty years of design by Carlo Donati Studio on the theme of the residence. Ten prestigious homes that highlight a precise working method and in a stylistic code characterized by a precise formal coherence despite the variation of contexts, interlocutors and requests. A journey through the creative process of a Milanese architect with an international soul.

Who will like it: Contemporary architecture enthusiasts who like to know the creative process of today's designers, in love with the twentieth century and with their feet in the future.