Clark Pickett has over 20 years of experience as an architect and interior designer, specialising in healthcare, hospitality, corporate commercial and residential design. He has approached all design scales, working on new construction, renovation, adaptive reuse and historical restoration.

A conceptual thinker with strong planning skills, Clark is known for the design of environments that are functional, imaginative and meaningful. Focusing on the integration of architecture and interiors, he brings all members of the design team together to synthesise ideas into cohesive and coherent design solutions where space, light, movement, materials, detail and cultural relevance create a holistic experience.

As data proliferate they transform physical places into networks of information, systems of overlapping infrastructures inhabited by tribes of connected people. Yet people are more than mere nodes in an information network. Humans are moved by ideas and beauty, not by optimised performance. They cannot be isolated from nature or its rhythms. Decisions are made by intuition as often as by analysis. Needs and desires change. People want physical spaces from the urban scale down to the scale of their individual homes and workplaces, that reflect their personalities and immediate contexts. If the built environment is an infrastructure, it must remain in some ways an open-ended framework that can adapt to the people who inhabit it.

NBBJ designer Clark Pickett will explore the rigorous, iterative methodologies as well as the human engagements that, together, allow designers to create spaces that delight the senses and respond to their inhabitants within the context of their environments.



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Materials Science Metallurgy Building, Cambridge.
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Samsung America Headquarters, SanJose, CA, 2015.
gallery gallery
The Forum, Cambridge Biomedical Campus.