Over 240 events on the calendar: our selection of exhibitions, installations, collectives, showroom openings and presentations of new products that will enliven Brera at Design Week 2023

"The future is now, giving it shape and meaning is a priority": building tomorrow is the theme of the Brera Design District 2023 (breradesigndistrict.it), one of the longest-running districts of the Milan FuoriSalone, which returns from 17 to 23 April with the Brera Design Week, now in its fourteenth edition.

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Starting from the macro theme proposed by the FuoriSalone, i.e. Future Laboratory, the Brera Design Week, curated by Studiolabo, activates a reflection on the challenges of the contemporary world, giving space to proposals and practices capable of triggering actions for change.

The future is not something abstract and distant, but it is here and now, it is planned together, in an inclusive way, without leaving anyone behind, and with great attention and sensitivity towards nature.

What to see in the Brera Design District for FuoriSalone 2023: the events not to be missed

Over 240 events on the calendar, including exhibitions, installations, collectives, openings of new showrooms and presentations of new products. Here are the appointments not to be missed, with all the useful addresses to mark on the map.

INTERIOR Design Re-Evolution at the Brera Botanical Garden

Winner, with Feeling The Energy by Carlo Ratti Associati and Italo Rota for Plenitude, of the Interaction Mention in the context of the FuoriSalone Award 2022, the great event curated by Interni magazine is back : one of the three main locations of Interni Design Re-Evolution (in addition to the University of Milan and another one to be revealed later) will in fact, as usual, be the Brera Botanical Garden .

As in the last edition, Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota will interpret the theme assigned by Interni on behalf of Eni, creating an experiential and at the same time didactic installation, centered on energy and sustainability.

Read the Interni Design Re-Evolution concept

The hub-event of the Brera Design District: Dry days - tropical nights by Agostino Iacurci
Among the unmissable event-places, which promises to become the hub of the entire Brera circuit, there is Dry days, tropical nights, a mega colored installation created by the artist Agostino Iacurci with gloTM.

The work will wrap around the imposing tower in Largo Treves, which is about to be demolished, and will invite the viewer to cross the threshold of the historic building, for the last time before it is demolished, and to reflect on the ongoing climate emergency.

The intervention comes to life from the external facade and then continues inside the building in the large lounge, with a space that will envelop visitors in a show of colors and lights thanks to the numerous installations created ad hoc by the artist.

"Dry days - tropical nights is an art installation that takes its name from two environmental indicators that describe the severity of the heat during a given period in a given area", explains Agostino Iacurci . “According to these indicators, within a few hundred years, the Po Valley and Italy will transform into a tropical landscape with desert areas.

The installation takes the form of a sort of vision which, through pictorial, sculptural and luminous interventions, will temporarily transform the external and internal spaces of the imposing tower in Largo Treves 1 into a dreamlike landscape.

The project is imagined as a hallucination that dialogues with the architecture of the iconic building designed by Arrigo Arrighetti in the heart of Milan, transforming it into a sort of oasis that is both a sparkling mirage and a disturbing omen of near future".

Brera Design Week 2023: the events not to be missed

There are over 240 events that will make the Brera Design District one of the obligatory stops of the FuoriSalone 2023. Impossible to see everything, so here is our very personal choice (the list will be continuously updated).

Visionnaire with Studiopepe presents The Empire of the Senses

In its wunderkammer in Piazza Cavour 3, Visionnaire presents The empire of the senses by Studiopepe, a synesthetic tale made of tactile coverings and impalpable colors in the nuances of the leather to reveal the capsule of three pieces composed of the Shibari armchair, the Parade lighting system and the pair of Blanche. mirrors

The collection, like the immersive installation, is dedicated to the senses as tools for understanding the world. The visual experience of the installation will be enriched by a dance performance and visual contributions that will stimulate the five senses.

Visionnaire, piazza Cavour, 3

The secret garden of Cotto d'Este

A secret garden, a dreamlike and imaginary place. It is The Secret Garden, the naturalistic setting imagined by Cotto d'Este, to celebrate his thirtieth birthday and to narrate his creative process through the flagship collections.

The spotlights are on Pura, the porcelain stoneware that with its grain-like texture recalls the texture of limestone.

And Wonderwall, one of the brand's most eclectic series, which in the Kerlite Wonderwall version, the first ultra-thin ceramic wallpaper collection, will personalize the interior of the showroom with subjects of naturalistic inspiration with exotic atmospheres and decorations with oversized plants and flowers, which will capture the viewer's gaze.

Cotto d'Este, via Quintino Sella, 5

The Lumières exhibition of Saint-Louis

From 18 to 23 April, in the Cloister of Santa Maria del Carmine, Saint-Louis, the first crystal factory in continental Europe founded in 1586, invites you to discover Lumières, installations lights and sounds designed in collaboration with the Nonotak studio.

Five installations: pulsations, rotations, vibrations, projections and diffractions, which bring into dialogue the most historic collections of the maison, such as the classic chandelier, with contemporary lamps represented by the portable wireless novelties.

Cloister of Santa Maria del Carmine, piazza del Carmine, 2


Design Variations 2023 with studio Zaven

Design Variations 2023, the event curated by MoscaPartners, will present Breath, the site-specific work that will animate the facade of the Circolo Filologico Milanese.

It was conceived by the studio Zaven, which stages a work with extreme formal cleanliness made with a special silicone membrane.

The result is graphic figures, which act as a starting point for reflection on design no longer focused only on aesthetic research, but as a tool for a multidisciplinary approach.

Design Variations 2023, c/o Filologico Milanese, Via Clerici, 10 | Palazzo Visconti, via Cino del Duca, 8

Casa Mutina with the eagerly awaited couple Anastassiades+Urquiola

Mutina scores another master stroke and hires Michael Anastassiades to join his team of champions.

The Cypriot-born designer will team up with Patricia Urquiola, a consolidated presence in the Mutina team, and together they will present a project
of great experimentation on the ceramic surface.

The tandem Anastassiades+Urquiola will also create the setting inside Casa Mutina Milano, where the ceramic surfaces will dialogue with the rooms in a continuous exchange of suggestions.

Casa Mutina Milan, Via Cernaia, 1/A

Barber&Osgerby x Marsotto editions

Also highly anticipated are Barber&Osgerby, the pair of London designers who will present a collection of marble furniture for Marsotto editions.

For the occasion, a solo exhibition will be set up dedicated to the new family of products, essential, functional and not tied to fashions, just like in the pure and no-frills style of the British couple.

Marsotto Milano Showroom, Largo Treves, 2

Rethink! The design of services for social justice

Rethink! Service Design Stories is the first Italian festival dedicated to the themes of service design and innovation.

The festival, born in 2017, produced and promoted by POLI.design - Politecnico di Milan, is now in its seventh edition. Not to be missed, on April 20 from 12 to 21, at Spaces Porta Nuova (Archistar room), the meeting on service design as a tool to strengthen and improve social justice processes, through practices inclusive and participatory that aim at the redistribution of power and resources.

Rethink! Service Design Stories, c/o Spaces Porta Nuova, Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 21, Milan 


Poliform debuts in the outdoors

Among the big names that made their debut in the outdoor world, only she was missing: Poliform, an impressive production company that is still proudly led by the three founding cousins Alberto and Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani.

On the occasion of the launch of the first outdoor collection, the company presents the Perceptions installation in the fourteenth-century cloister of San Simpliciano, a journey dedicated to the senses, to the beauty of nature and the simplicity of matter.

Poliform, c/o Cloisters of San Simpliciano, Piazza San Simpliciano, 7, Milan 


Federico Peri for Cedit

Many designers are protagonists of the Brera Design Week. Fortunately, there is a strong presence of young and talented designers.

Among these, Federico Peri, who for Cedit Ceramiche d'Italia presents Compatta, large ceramic slabs with a rough and full-bodied, which take inspiration from the materiality of raw earth.

A proposal that is the synthesis between craftsmanship in working clay and technological innovation, together with balance and controlled disorder, in a narrative that mixes the expressiveness of Federico Peri and the experimental spirit of Cedit.

Spazio CEDIT, Foro Buonaparte 14/A

SolidNature by Sabine Marcelis and OMA

Winning team does not change. Thus, after the success at Alcova last year, SolidNature, the brand of natural stones, re-proposes the creative tandem of OMA and Sabine Marcelis.

And he does it with The future belongs to dreamers inside a dreamy private house in the heart of Brera.

In the basement and in the garden, visitors can immerse themselves in the dreamlike landscape designed by OMA, followed and completed by the installations designed by Sabine Marcelis and the Iranian artist Bita Fayyazi.

SolidNature, c/o Spazio Cernaia, Via Cernaia, 1, Milan

Benedetta Tagliabue x Ceramiche Ragno

On display in the Milan showroom of Ceramiche Ragno, designed by Benedetta TagliabueMiralles Tagliabue EMBT, the latest collections of brand.

It is forbidden not to touch, because the new surfaces express the infinite potential of ceramics in a mix & match of colours, textures and designs that tell the story and the technical and artisan skills of the brand.

Ragno ceramics, via Marco Polo, 9

USM + The Skateroom

An unmissable appointment for skate enthusiasts, and not only.

The Swiss company USM joins The Skateroom, an entrepreneurial reality whose main purpose is to help empower young people. The brand, famous for its modular storage systems, invited the artist Claudia Comte to design a limited collection of furniture systems and artistic skateboards.

The line will fund an initiative that links skateboarding to education. An example of how it is possible to participate in the FuoriSalone with a wide-ranging project that goes beyond the design week and triggers real social change. At least hopefully.

USM, c/o Rossignoli, corso Garibaldi, 71