At the center of changing tastes, HOMI, the Lifestyle Fair, programmed from 26 to 29 January 2018 at Fiera Milano, is an important opportunity to discover the evolution of accessories for the home and the trends that will have a leading role in the months to come.

The January edition confirms the focus on the offerings of companies of all sizes, capable of providing originality and quality, also through one-offs and exclusive creations: lots of space will be set aside for exceptional craftsmanship, but also the innovative work of emerging designers.

The home as a hybrid of styles and contexts of use, multi-centric (though the kitchen is still the main fulcrum, with the table as its agora), where the minimal forms of contemporary design engage in fascinating contrasts with the expressive impact of crafts. This is the context in which to grasp the new trends, a stimulating challenge for creative talents, interior architects, distributors, retailers and trendsetters.

Space for all the senses, all the aspects of the domestic experience: from experimentation with the most appealing scents to the tactile sensations offered by fabrics and textiles, in the latest collections, all the way to tableware with new developments for dining and the kitchen.

HOMI also features the areas Creazioni and Creazioni Design, the workshop of innovation of young designers, the satellite Kids Style, on the spaces of the home set aside for the new generation, and initiatives based on the crafts tradition, like the exhibition La Magnifica Forma. International design is also a presence, with proposals from the European tradition (DDD) and the Middle East (HOMI ASIA DESIGN).

In collaboration with WGSN (an international leader in the area of market analysis and studies on trends in the sectors of design and fashion), in January HOMI presents the HOMI TRENDS CAFE, a zone where the protagonists are the new concepts and trends that have emerged from WGSN’s research. Trends will also be narrated through encounters taking place in this zone on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 2018, at 11.00 and 15.00.

Together with Doxa, the prestigious Italian institute of statistical research, HOMI presents an investigation on ways of living in the home and habits of consumption, offering another snapshot of current trends. Sunday 28 January, h. 12.00 – Meeting point pav. 10.

Other initiatives include:

HOMI SMART: the relationship between design and new smart products

DA UNO A CENTO: a crossover event for designers, self-producers, artisans, small and large companies. In collaboration with Gumdesign

NATURALIA: a new exhibition narrates fashion jewelry shaped to imitate nature and its creatures

HOMI FOOD: high-quality food production featuring innovative research on both products and packaging

HYBRID LOUNGE: in collaboration with, this innovative workshop presents the latest trends in the sector of materials and finishes for interior design.

HOMI STAGING: continuation of the cooperation with Home Staging School, which in January organizes the first European Home Staging Forum: a constructive discussion to lay the groundwork for international exchanges and collaborations

FESTIVITY: on holiday decorations and the celebrations of all traditions, from 23 to 28 January 2018

At HOMI sector professionals can discover products, experience theme areas, but also interact with experts, leading companies and trendsetters, mastering new tools of study of the changing market through an interesting agenda of informative encounters.

Use this link for continuing updates of the calendar of events during the fair.