The Tuscan house with an archetypal shape designed by LDA.iMdA Architects brings back a lost living dimension while responding to contemporary needs. Surrounded by a vegetable garden, it was created with sustainable solutions in a territorial context in order to ‘reactivate’ new potential relationships. Even with unexpected black rabbits

A project with simple, pure and ancestral lines like those of a child's drawing which is also a living manifesto that expresses the will to cultivate the vegetable gardenHouse in the orchard is a sustainable contemporary architecture that releases the inexhaustible energy that the clients put into this realization.

The archetypal house designed by the LDA.iMdA architects studio in San Miniato, Tuscany, wants to get back to a lost housing dimension and at the same time respond to contemporary needs.

Surrounded by a vegetable garden to be cultivated, it was created with innovative and sustainable solutions in a fragile territorial context in order to reactivate new potential relationships. Even those with the unexpected black rabbits that animate the spaces photographed  and interpreted  by Medulla studio.

The shooting, dynamic and theatrical in which eating self-produced foods seems to be a magical act, enhances the interaction between performance and spaces, whose proportions are linked not only to the surface but to the individual and his emotional well-being. The spaces are inhabited  and experienced  by unexpected presences, emphasizing their relational potential.

Among the innovative solutions used for House in the orchard, the external coating (covering wall continuity) was made applying an ecological polyolefin sheet  with high solar reflectance and the poor structural technology usually used for greenhouses here adapted for the home.

The raising of the whole floor reduces the impact on the landscape, solving at the same time hydraulic problems. Finally, the internal floor covering is made by using anti-infiltration water resistance protective products on the prefabricated wood self-supporting panels (larch wood - polystirene - fir wood).

Casa nell'Orto - House in the orchard project is part of the research that the Tuscan studio is investigating for: how the figurative synthesis of an architecture is often recurrent in the architect's work, and how it can be an important element of investigation in finding answers or models for a contemporary fluid and dynamic society.

House in the orchard has received numerous awards: it has been selected for the exhibition and catalog of the Premio Internazionale alla committenza di Architettura Dedalo Minosse 2019/2020 and among the 40 best international works of architecture by the Barbara Capocchinaward; it also won the BigSee Architecture Award 2020 and Archilovers Best Project 2019.

LDA.iMdA and Medulla studio are not new to interpreted housing projects  and shooting. As for the renovation of Casa Giusta (read here), which arises from the unusual request of a young couple: to create a home for the old great-grandparents' table, which thus becomes the center and unit of measurement of the intervention.