Valentini continues its research path and, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, presents collections that reinterpret the company's classic design in a modern key. The new proposals confirm a vision towards spaces of continuity between interiors and exteriors
Founded by Sergio Valentini in 1954, the Campodarsego (Padua) company, manufacturer of high-end sofas, armchairs and beds, continues to grow and establish itself on the national and international markets, standing out for the quality of indoor and outdoor materials and for collaborations with important showrooms.

Today it is presided over by his son Fabio, animated by the same passion for craftsmanship and stylistic and material research. From leather, a covering with sophisticated imperfections, to velvet, a precious material with a centenary history, all the finishes are a guarantee of quality and customization.

We asked Fabio Valentini a few questions.

Now that we have reached the second generation, what are the salient moments, the changes of pace, the milestones that have marked these 70 years of history?

Fabio Valentini: "The first moment that marked the beginning of our journey was 1954, the year in which my father Sergio laid the foundations for the birth of Valentini. Over the years, I supported my father until I took over the leadership of the company.

We have given shape to collections of sofas, armchairs and beds with an exclusive character, transferring our vision of quality and comfort into the design of designer furnishings capable of satisfying the different needs of space and taste.

We have continued to create and evolve, positioning ourselves as a leader in the high-quality interior design industry. Research, design and passion are three elements that have always guided us in our work and that we carry forward every day with renewed enthusiasm, allowing us to reach an important milestone such as our seventieth anniversary.

70 years are an important moment and at the same time they are a new beginning. It is right to celebrate our successes to look to the future with confidence: this anniversary is an opportunity to renew our passion and our determination".

The relationship between indoor and outdoor productions, also in reference to Criss Cross, designed for both exteriors and interiors

Fabio Valentini: "With regards to the relationship between indoor and outdoor production, one of Valentini's objectives is to try to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering elegant products and, at the same time, versatile, which can be used both in internal and external spaces. It is essential, in fact, to try to create continuity between the comfort of the home and the playfulness of open spaces.

Criss Cross follows this philosophy and, thanks to the new fabrics with which it was made, it becomes a synonym of creativity: the inspiration of Jacquard is combined with a fabric cream colour to create customization for indoor and outdoor spaces and allow a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

Offering solutions that adapt to both environments is essential to meeting the needs of our customers, allowing them to decorate each space with Valentini products."

What are the most successful products?

Fabio Valentini: "Some of our most successful collections are still protagonists of living areas and lounges, in Italy and around the world. We are particularly attached to our past collections such as Arcipelago and Arcadia, characterized by strong modularity and customization.

Today, among our most successful products it is important to mention Ethos and Stone: the first, with its harmonious and rounded shapes and the second, with defined geometries, enrich spaces in and outdoor in a complementary way.

They are both extremely versatile products, in which the comfort of the interior combines harmoniously with the search for resistant materials for the exterior.

We have a new project in mind to celebrate our seventieth anniversary: combining our quality with the creativity of the designers, which is why we started collaborating with Gian Paolo Venier of the Studio Otto.

His elegance and refinement combine well with our craftsmanship, bringing our products to a higher level of refinement and exclusivity.