Lighting experience in hotels thanks to solutions from the Treviso-based company: wellness and business in a new dimension at The Westin London City

The new frontier of tourism is called bleisure, travel that combines business and leisure. And it is about to take over from traditional business travel. A change that creates a new type of traveller who is neither a businessman nor a carefree holidaymaker, but a combination of the two. The neologism is a recent one, born in the States from the fusion of business and leisure (travel). The hotel industry and the entire hospitality industry are adapting, offering new services and amenities to ease the transition from business appointments to leisure and relaxation.

Bleisure in the heart of London

This is guaranteed by The Westin London City, a new hotel in the Westin Hotels&Resorts chain, overlooking the Thames in London. 222 luxury rooms and suites and a series of services that make your stay an experiential moment: from Hithe+Seek, a wine bar with panoramic views over the capital, to Mosaic, an all-day dining restaurant, to Heavenly Spa with six therapeutic rooms and a 12-metre indoor pool, to the Westin Workout Fitness Studio offering 24-hour fitness services. Over seven spacious meeting rooms for events, meetings and business meetings emulate the linear nature of The Haven's design, offering collaborative spaces that stimulate creativity.

Between art and relaxation

Designed by Studio Moren, the new hotel presents itself as an open and airy environment, providing guests with privacy and intimacy. Starting with The Haven, the three-storey lobby flooded with natural light, embellished by an art installation created on paper and inspired by underwater vegetation. The ceiling-high windows show the interior, decorated in natural tones to evoke feelings of tranquillity and well-being.

Luminous atmospheres

The furnishings themselves are inspired by the natural world in its purest form and feature oak panels, shades of green, matt finishes and curved lines. Emphasising the hotel's atmospheres is the lighting design created by Nulty lighting designers in collaboration with Dexter Moren Associates, using Linea Light Group solutions.

Illuminating well-being

The lighting design project (developed with some Linea Light Group solutions: Pound, Vos, Archicove, Creek 2.0, Rubber, Ribbon, Ice-Cut, Cell, Ink Systems, Rollip) was conceived to be in line with the hotel's leitmotif, well-being. From the lobby The Heaven to the Westin Ballroom, a large room dedicated to events that can accommodate up to 400 people (and enjoys a reserved entrance, cloakroom, ad hoc bathroom), to the Romeo and Juliet boardroom for private dinners, meetings and presentations, as well as the executive boardroom that can accommodate up to 18 people, to the foyer of the Romeo and Juliet room. Atmospheres of well-being and relaxation, thanks to the lighting design and products of the Resana company, also in the Heavenly Spa and the fitness room reserved for guests.

Photos Matteo Barro