Enrich environments with specifically designed lighting. With handcrafted lamps with a sculptural allure

It is in the metropolitan garden of Terrazza Fausti, in the historic center of Bergamo, that the exclusive Legami Sushi & More has opened its doors.

A real journey into taste made even more special by the contemporary design of the spaces, embellished with lamps by Catellani & Smith in line with the mood of the environments.

Like the custom composition of Syphasfera, which illuminates the stairs of the venue with its spheres with irregular surfaces arranged at various heights.

While in the reception area, on the desk, there is a PostKrisi T 61 which, with its fiberglass texture, enters into dialogue with the irregular surface of the large female painting whose colors it enhances.

Continuing towards the bar, two PostKrisi CW 70 covered with gold-coloured leaf decorate the wood paneling around the display of spirits.

PostKrisi CW 70 then continues in succession in the rest of the restaurant room which is enriched with a spectacular Fil de Fer Nuvola, here in a custom version and in anodized aluminum wire gold.

The golden finish also returns to one of the rooms of the venue with Lederam Manta S2, a lamp with a black screen and gold-coloured leaf interior which underlines the intimate and intimate environment.

The light ofCatellani & Smithalso continues on the outdoor terrace with the Sypha outdoor collection, which blends in with the vegetation and becomes part of it.

Finally, three Fil de Fer of different diameters and in a golden version make the en plein air environment even more magical, while the soft light of Giulietta BE T was chosen to illuminate the tables: a wireless lamp that can be adjusted to three different light intensities with just the touch of your hand.

On the cover: the scenographic Fil de Fer Nuvola, here in a custom version: the golden weave welcomes many tiny light bulbs creating a warm atmosphere.