Interni June on newsstands

International, creative, aware of its own savoir faire, with an optimistic perspective on the future: this is the appealing, stimulating city of Milan that offered an exceptional FuoriSalone in April, starting with Human Spaces, the exhibition-event produced by Interni, this year at the Ca’ Granda-Università degli Studi di Milano, the Orto Botanico di Brera and Arco della Pace/Caselli Daziari.

Over 400 events mapped in our Guida FuoriSalone 2019 took place in all the zones of the city, from the center to the outskirts, in piazzas, courtyards, palaces, museums, abandoned factories, galleries, showrooms and many other sites.

Once again this year, our June issue features the best of what we saw in the spring, during the magical week of design in Milan, on a voyage to discover places, protagonists, relationships, large and small objects, novel contaminations, new dreams, visions and thoughts.

Signature reports, in-depth coverage of themes, installations and marvels, offer pertinent keys of interpretation of the fertile, variegated world of design: a project in a project, of infinite facets on a cultural plane, of technological and material research, trends (especially the focus on environmental sustainability and the convergence of nature and artifice).

A long-term project that in its multiple expressions can offer the best solutions to improve the lives of all of us. Happy reading!