Managed today by the second generation of the family – Roberto, CEO, and Patrizia, art director – Moroso represents the evolution of the Italian company built around the figure of an entrepreneur-artisan, a role played until the 1990s by Agostino Moroso, father of the present owners.

A company that from the idea of “doing things well” has managed, with courage and determination, to reconcile solid crafts know-how for tailor-made production with industrial processes, seeing the encounter of design, contemporary art and fashion as a path to become truly unique.

The flagship store in London has an area of 600 m2 on two levels, based on a concept by Patricia Urquiola. A mangrove-like tangle of curved tubes in white painted aluminium sets the tone of the space, “trapping” the products of the company that since 1952 has created upholstered furnishings and seating for the high end of the market in collaboration with leading international designers.

Moroso 7-15 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4SP