SuperDesign Show, the new format of Superstudio with an eye on the future, reaches its second edition. The format focuses on research, everyday extraordinary things, freedom of choice, contaminations between classic and avant-garde, industry and crafts, tradition and future, simplicity and wonder, with the awareness that everything has already been done, that the whole world takes part in the evolution of the habitat that surrounds us, that rules and barriers are there to be broken.

SuperDesign Show, which continues and builds on the success of the previous Superstudio project (the Temporary Museum for New Design), is the first stop of any visit to the Tortona District.

17,000 m2 of space, theme projects, museum installations, national pavilions, independent or group shows, large established companies but also innovative young start-ups, self-design and all the trends of living and dwelling Lounge, meeting room, press office, coordinated image, communal areas, garden, restaurants and much more.

The theme this year is White Pages, implying writing the key words of the world of tomorrow together, as shown in the communal areas by the illustrator and artist Sandro Fabbri. An invitation to bring not just objects and proposals for ready consumption, but also futuristic and experimental projects, to “narrate” to the audience with words and installations in an ideal “white page” inside one’s own space.

One orchestration, one shared contemporary language, to bring out national and brand identities, Italian excellence, commercial needs, “next” thinking, with a careful selection to reflect “research, quality and innovation,” always the key values of Superstudio.


Exhibitors Superdesign Show 2016

Superstudio Più
AGC Asahi Glass, Aisin, Barovier&Toso, Biomega, Carpet Sign, Citizen, E Ink & Ueberall, eBay, Enessere, Focus, Gore-Tex, Jaguar, Kef, LG Hausys, Material ConneXion Italia, Pietro Travaglini Design, Red Star Macalline, Regione Lazio, Samsung Electronics Italia, Sunbrella, TM Italia, vitamin design.
Selected Objects: ADD+, Beau&Bien, bud brand, Cogito Design, Deutsu, Digital Habits, Dozen Design, Emilgroup, ArteFashionDesign, Hand Studio, Ianiro, Lettera G, miniki, Nisha Decor, P!nto, Sertum, Simon James Spurr.
Special Projects: Assogiocattoli, be.emanuelgargano, Mario Cucinella Architects
Art&Design: Maria Cristina Carlini, Sandro Fabbri, Raffaello Galiotto, Flavio Lucchini Art
Partner: ASUS, Arclab, FlexibleLove, LOVEThESIGN, Mabele, Novacolor, Radici Contract, Slide, Valdo.
Superstudio 13
Blablacar, Melissa. Special project PepsiCo Design.

Calendar: Press Preview 11 April 2016 15.00-20.00, press only
12-15 April 2016 ore 10.00-21.00, professionals only
16 April 2016 10.00-21.00, also non-professionals
17 April 2016 10.00-18.00, also non-professionals

gallery gallery
Design and sustainable architecture in the Mario Cucinella multipurpose space. In cooperation with SOS - School of Sustainability.
gallery gallery
AGC Asahi Glass: the exhibition revolutionizes the usual idea of vetro.
gallery gallery
Barovier & Toso and Paola Navone for a project that explores the colors of glass.
gallery gallery
Citizen: a surreal space of dancing light.
gallery gallery
The imposing sculpture by Maria Cristina Carlini: Obelisk, corten steel and reclaimed wood.
gallery gallery
The exhibition Marble 2.0 by Raffaello Galiotto: some experimental works Marble made by parametric software.
gallery gallery
LG Hausys presents an interactive exhibition about design and techno materials.
gallery gallery
Materials Village: materials, projects and innovative technologies. Special Guest: Stefano Boeri for 3M with an installation between architecture and material science.
gallery gallery
Pietro Travaglini presents new lamps in the context of a fairytale project, in collaboration with Giovanni Gastel.