With Ball Theater / La fête n'est pas finie, the French Pavilion at the 2023 Biennale contributes with original and open solutions to the challenges posed by this 18th edition

The project of the Pavilion of France Ball Theater / La fête n'est pas finie responds in an original and open way to the requests formulated by the curator Lesley Lokko:

  • What future can we imagine for living beings and for our planet?
  • How not to lose hope in a world that seems more fragile and conflicted every day?
  • How to orient and act effectively in a world crossed by such profound economic, social and environmental fractures, submerged by contradictory narratives and saturated with images?

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Original because the Ball Theater guides our gaze along a performative and sound architecture that visitors can walk through by participating with their movements and their words. It is the creation of an architecture that becomes an invitation to travel, where the sphere attracts by its materiality, transporting the public into a multiplicity of imaginaries.

Open because the Ball Theater functions as a sounding board and listening place, recalling the concepts of multiplicity and diversity of bodies and voices. And it will also be open to parties and collective experiments through the numerous "balls" scheduled between June and November. A way to sanction the "rebirth" following the edition canceled by the health crisis.

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The permanent sound installation is by electronic music creator Pilooski (Cédric Marszewski) and sound engineers Alain Français and Thomas Fourny.

The curators

Muoto was founded in Paris in 2003 by Gilles Delalex and Yves Moreau. The studio supports a 'frugal' approach to architecture, where the economy of means serves to multiply uses and encourage the evolution of buildings over time. The agency identifies itself with the French "new realism" movement.

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Georgi Stanishev is an architect, set designer and professor at ENSA in Paris-Malaquais. He founded his own architecture and scenography studio in 2011 in Paris.

The studio mainly designs ephemeral architecture and scenography for events and exhibitions. His approach focuses on the notion of staging.

Pavilion of France, Biennale 2023, in brief

Title: Ball Theater / La fête n'est pas finie

Curators: Muoto (Gilles Delalex, Yves Moreau) & Georgi Stanishev

Commissioners: Institut français, Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères, Ministère de la Culture

For more information: www.institutfrancais.com @institutfrancais.com