NiLab is a space for participation, knowledge, research and international discussion between Egypt and the world on issues such as climate change, water scarcity, sustainable development. A design laboratory open on the Nile

No other river has been as significant in the history of civilization as the Nile in Egypt and on the African continent.

Since the time of the pharaohs it has been, and still is, the source, the center of life, hope and work of Egypt and of the populations settled along its shores. Each of its alterations affects the countries it passes through, but also the entire planet.

Along the Nile River the different landscapes and different natures have often been neutralized over time by interventions that have not been able to interpret the local environment and cultures. It is before these that NiLab proposes to go back to looking at places and to rethink the project.

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What is NiLab. Nile as Laboratory

The result of a program coordinated by the Ain-Shams University of Cairo and the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, the Pavilion is curated by Ahmed Sami Abd Elrahman, Marina Tornatora, Ottavio Amaro, Moataz Samir, Ghada Farouk.

The development of the project is due to the joint work of architects and architecture professors from 24 universities from 10 different countries: a space for design, participation, knowledge, research and international debate around the themes of identity in relation climate change, water resources, and sustainable development.

"The river must remain the center of life and of the development of Egypt - say the curators of the Egypt Pavilion -, through research and cooperation between countries".

The exhibition is conceived as a laboratory for understanding and developing ideas and projects on the Nile, such as to generate a sort of platform for reflection on the theme of water in the more general context of climate change.

Egypt Pavilion at the 2023 Biennale, in brief

• Title: NiLab - The Nile as a laboratory
• Curators/Exhibitors: Ahmed Sami Abd Elrahman, Marina Tornatora, Ottavio Amaro, Ghada Farouk, Moataz Samir
• Commissioner: Egyptian Ministry of Culture - Academy of Egypt - National Organization for Urban Harmony
• Scientific committee: Nicola Di Battista Michael Jakob Mario Lupano Gianfranco Neri Ettore Rocca Heba Youssef (director of the Egyptian Academy of Fine Arts in Rome)
Cover photo: Film “Grand Tour on Nile”, regia di Ahmed Yasser