Azerocare Plus by Antolini

BRAND Antolini
DESIGNER Project office
Antolini presents Azerocare Plus, new technology that aligns trends, protects beauty and amplifies performance. The Italian brand, a forerunner of cutting-edge technological trends, synonymous with natural stone, research and innovation, launches a high-tech process, tested in cycles of 24 hours, which provides marble, onyx and soft quartzite with protection against the stains and corrosion caused by contact with acidic substances. Today, a new scenario of décor is emerging, namely a matte finish that explores a more refined idea of elegance in its purest form. These surfaces, especially the latter, enhance the material, revealing its fine, intricate grain while generating a unique, silky tactile sensation and represent the first choice for kitchen tops, bathroom claddings, wall coverings, working desks, vertical and horizontal surfaces.