BRAND Samsung
BESPOKE, the new range of Samsung refrigerators, is designed to interpret the value of sustainability through an appliance capable of lasting beyond fashion, accompanying us for years while changing needs, tastes, consumption and, above all, the dimensions of the house itself and the components of the family. Its peculiarities, the result of technological and aesthetic evolutions that make it possible to think of a refrigerator as something much more than a household appliance, are included in its name, which means "made to measure". BESPOKE is in fact able to interpret the most diverse needs by combining functionality and modularity to become a real piece of furniture that integrates the style of the house, following its evolution. Its formats are designed to allow it to grow over time, accompanying the needs of those who live alone or with the family. In the combined version (with a height of 2 m or 1.85 m), single door and slim single door (width 45 cm), the various formats can be placed side by side to create the ideal combination: those who need to keep plenty of fresh food can choose to combine a classic combined with a single door refrigerator; if you need more space in the freezer, just add a new module. The aesthetics of BESPOKE are made to change over time without having to give up the appliance: just replace the panels by choosing them in the most functional finishes and colors. BESPOKE exists in two versions: Panel Fixed, in which the refrigerator is marketed as a traditional product with the combination of predefined external panels, and Panel Ready, which gives the consumer the possibility to combine their favorite colors and choose between three precious finishes in glass: classic, satin or glossy. BESPOKE reaches up to class A of the new energy label. Samsung's Air Space System uses the air between the two insulating panels in order to increase efficiency while the thickness of the panels decreases.