Lift by Altrenotti

BRAND Altrenotti
Elegant yet versatile, artistic yet informal. This is Lift, the new bed designed by Giorgio Ragazzini for Altrenotti and whose white and grey flannel upholstery carries the signature of Vitale Barberis Canonico. Suspended on delicately inclined feet, which subtly adds an airplane feeling to the decisive geometric style, Lift’s playful headboard is the style’s main feature. Conceived with a large pad, it is divided into a double cushion folded on itself - which can be lifted, raised or closed manually so as to to accommodate the multiple levels. Aesthetic detail and functional feature, this item mirrors Altrenotti's contemporary vision: the bed is a place for rest, but also for work, reading, conviviality, relax at any time. A new kind of dynamism that finds a soft aid in Lift.