BRAND Bolzan
DESIGNER Matteo Zorzenoni

Gabri is the bed that Matteo Zorzenoni signs for Bolzan. A piece of furniture in which the detail makes the difference: in this case, the special grooves created along the lateral lines of the bed frame that are used to easily sink your hands under the mattress when it is time to spread the sheets and blankets. But Gabri is also a masterful example of the typically Italian encounter between design and manufacturing, a piece of furniture that enhances the artisan vocation of Bolzan, a company that has made the centrality of the upholstery, from fabric to leather, the distinctive note of its history and of its catalog. Classic in materials and finishes, contemporary in lines, Gabri is also the first bed designed by Zorzenoni for the Venetian company. Characterized by a leather shell worked and treated in detail, it is a light and enveloping bed, with compact dimensions that make it perfect for environments of different sizes, styles and nature, both classic and contemporary. The mattress is incorporated in the fluid lines that run along the entire perimeter of the bed. The soft lines of the curves are echoed in the headboard with an organic and soft shape, designed to evoke the idea of ​​an enveloping embrace. Gabri was designed as a tailored suit, from the choice of a noble material such as leather to the attention to stitching and details. The goal was to interpret Bolzan's know-how and history, its roots in that particular, all-Italian world where craftsmanship and industry meet to give life to furniture with a strong manufacturing footprint. The intention was also to add a new chapter of contemporary design to the history of a company that has focused on fabric for its catalog from its inception. Together with the bed, an accessory shelf is available, also in leather, to be easily attached to the bed frame and designed to accommodate those small objects - books, glasses, the alarm clock ... - that accompany you to sleep. The family is completed by a bench and a round coffee table available in two sizes. The latter, inspired by a fluid idea of ​​the house, is designed as furniture that is also valid for the living area. Its design reflects that of the bed, of which it incorporates the two grooves that open along the circumference in saddle leather, while the top is available in Neolith sintered stone, a natural material obtained with a sophisticated technological compaction process. The bench, with its soft padded seat, is covered with the same fabric as the headboard, in a refined play of references.