BRAND Bolzan
It’s Jack’s birthday. Designed by Zanellato Bortotto and capable of combining tailoring and attention to the environment, the bed is produced by Bolzan. The Venetian company has a rich catalog of textile beds resulting from the ability to combine craftsmanship with industrial logic. Five years ago, in a crucial stage in its history that began in 1990 and focused on fabric, the brand commissioned Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto a creation that would tell the know-how and tradition of the brand and push its boundaries further, underlining its international vocation. The metal bed Jack that was born from this challenge, is characterized by an almost infinite variety of customizations in the coverings. The fabric represents a distinctive element for Bolzan. The rich collection offers a very wide choice of textile typologies made with natural materials. Cotton, linen, silk and wool become the basis for over five hundred combinations that allow a total customization of the bed. Headboard and footboard welcome, like two rollers, the fabric which, closed with a simple zip, is easily washable, replaceable over time and can be double-faced: for example you can have cotton on one side and wool on the other or play with the decor by choosing a pronounced pattern, combined on the opposite side with a neutral color.
The design of Jack also provides a maximum possibility of customization. The tubes can be customized in size to obtain the desired width: from the French bed to the king size or made to measure, which makes the collection also perfect for contract in any country in the world. The structure of the bed, light and flexible, allows to work on modularity and colors.
Noteworthy the utmost attention to the environment with which the project is conceived: Jack is shipped completely disassembled to reduce the ecological footprint of the shipment. Assembly is simple: eight screws are enough to fit the tubes and the fabric covers can be closed with a zip.
The fifth anniversary of the collection also coincides with the designers’ desire to develop a version that enhances the local supply chain, made up of a network of local manufactures that flows into Bolzan creations. The new Jack is therefore destined to add another important chapter to the history of the company which has a commitment to sustainability in its DNA.