BRAND Cantori
DESIGNER Luca Roccadadria
Milton by Cantori is part of a category that is not easy in terms of design: that of extendable glass tables. And it is indeed a remarkable example. First of all for its size: four meters and twenty centimeters in the larger version, two meters in the smaller version. And then for its formal lightness, expertly handled by designer Luca Roccadadria, who has also thought of an original prismatic shape that makes more surprising the appearance of this table designed to be, above all, practical, functional and stable.
Managing the functionality of such a product, namely the handling of the additional shelves, required Cantori’s expertise and excellent manufacturing DNA, which was best expressed here by producing a piece that is generous in size but very easy to use. The steel mechanism that underlies the opening and closing of the two additional tops is simple and smooth. Its appearance is refined and reduced to the essentials so as not to interfere with the beauty of the transparent top. Precisely by exploiting the sophisticated qualities of glass, the concept is capable of becoming a fine and refined presence in any kind of space, from the most contemporary to the most historic.
The decision to create two different sizes and two different shapes is dictated by the desire to play on the characteristics of the material, bringing it to unusual declinations. Milton in the 200/300 centimeters version has a top shaped in a polygonal prismatic form which, once opened, helps to lighten the whole table. The maxi version, which reaches more than four meters in length, opts instead for a classic rectangular geometry. Steel legs with a rhomboidal cross-section complete the set of a classic, balanced and harmonious piece. Milton is also available in a fixed version that can also be made to measure.