Fiordaliso by Dolce&Gabbana Casa

DESIGNER Project office
Fiordaliso sofa by Dolce&Gabbana Casa, covered with Gold 24k, is characterized by a curved form and slanted back rest which becomes progressively lower. A preciuous furniture piece ideally suited for subdividing the living room, much like a scenographic backdrop, creating pathways and a visual division of the space dedicated to leisurely activities. Fiordaliso sofa is part of the 24K Gold Collection, with which Dolce&Gabbana Casa pays homage to the opulence of the Baroque and to its eccentric and at the same time highly sought-after shapes. The glorious splendor of that period seems to relive in the precious fabrics and in the smooth or hammered surfaces of the furnishings. In particular, the wavy effect owes its uniqueness to an extraordinary manual workmanship, which has its roots in the great Italian tradition of high craftsmanship. Thanks to Dolce&Gabbana Casa, the lifestyle turns golden, continuing to offer emotions.