Grande Soffice


Finding yourself in front of an Edra furniture means ending up in a timeless dimension, where technology, materials, the sign of the author, reflect a precise historical moment, but a moment later they transcend it. The key is a concept of classicism rooted in Italian culture that Edra has always tried to cultivate and care for with the utmost commitment. Not a classicism that looks to the past with nostalgia, but rather has to do with the beauty of the area, the elegance and refinement of Italian architecture and art. A classicism that goes hand in hand with humanism, with the desire for innovation and to look beyond the known. Even the concept of well-being related to furnishings, and more generally to living, has acquired different connotations over the centuries. Today it is associated with a concept of both physical and mental pleasure. Edra's research has always gone in this direction. On sofas, for example, today you can relax, read, converse, even work: not just a sofa to sit on, but a seating system that knows how to adapt to the environment and to people, taking more forms and assuming functions. various according to different needs. And here the technology, the patent, comes into play. The 'smart cushion' patented in 2013 makes the backrests adaptable to the support support required at that particular moment, with a simple gesture of the hand. The Grande Soffice is a unique experience to achieve absolute levels of comfort. Edra deconstructed the classic sofa when Francesco Binfarè eliminated the intersection between the horizontality of the seat and the verticality of the backrest: deconstruction as the result of a long journey of research. When designers join the company, they often don't even have a drawing in hand. But they have an idea in mind. Sometimes years pass from their story to the presentation of the product. And always numerous voices intervene. In this process, the project comes to life, thanks to dialogue, comparison and experimentation, which result in an indefinite number of prototypes to strive for perfection.