Bed collection

BRAND Caccaro
Under the banner of maximum modularity, Caccaro offers a collection for the sleeping area that pushes the possibilities of customization to the extreme.
From the collaboration with Monica Graffeo comes Groove, equipped with an aluminum multifunction bar that, in addition to acting as a headboard, can be equipped with LEDs and loudspeakers with Bluetooth connection, and Bishape. This is a bed where you can break down and reassemble the individual elements with a wide choice of fabrics, sizes and accessories. Not only the bed frame and headboard can be configured independently of each other, but the same headboard is divided into two parts and broken down into two different shapes, circular and rectangular, which can be combined as desired. Characterized by an elegant graphic sign, made with a seam in the center of the circle or rectangle, the headboard plays with the walls transforming itself into a real painting.
Among the available accessories, a prominent role is played by the lighting: thanks to a mechanism recessed on the back, the headboard can be equipped with a support for a round lampshade – available in all shades of the Caccaro palette – which, thanks to a 90° rotation, allows you to direct the light where it is needed.
To complete the collection, the Caccaro project office designed four simple and elegant models:
Let’space, characterized by a deep headboard, almost a boiserie on which to place photographs, books or magazines; Ajar, a textile bed with a comfortable pocket to have everything you need close at hand while relaxing; Toffee, with a soft and proportionate look in which the cleanliness of the seams stands out; and finally Filesse, with a minimal and sinuous design thanks to the S-shaped curvature of the headboard that accompanies the natural posture of the back.
To best configure this innovative, sartorial and increasingly ‘on demand' sleeping area, the company offers a free consultancy service.