Doga is the new outdoor collection by Nardi. And the stave is precisely the constructive element chosen by Raffaello Galiotto for the Vicenza-based company's outdoor furniture collection. In this family of seats, which is also completed with a monobloc table, the stave becomes a formal code that softens Nardi's chosen material, fiberglass resin, allowing an almost classic interpretation of an artificial material. The design of the collection is based on cylindrical geometry, used in full form as regards the structure and sectioned in the case of the slats. Each slat is like a semi-cylinder resting on the frame and then connected thanks to an accurate three-dimensional software modeling capable of returning a pleasant effect of visual and tactile softness. Doga is a collection developed in a variety of models: from the chair to the armchair with armrests and to the lounge armchair. The table cannot be missing, which completes the seating family. The horizontal motif is repeated on each body, evoking summer atmospheres and creating a formal dialogue between the lightness of each piece and the choice of a contemporary chromatic scale, able to integrate into any type of environment. The palette is new and is the result of careful research on different architectural landscapes: the city, residential and public spaces in more natural contexts. Thus anthracite, white and tobacco are chosen for the urban mood, warmer colors such as cappuccino to blend with historical contexts. The eccentric Marsala for contemporary architecture and informal environments. Finally, in the catalog there is no lack of fresh shades of green, which harmonize with the gardens and the en plein air colors: mint, pear, agave. The collection is enriched by matching cushions. Overall, Doga fits into the brand's catalog as a simple, ergonomic and light answer to the needs of outdoor furniture. Handy, stackable, easily sanitized and recyclable, the collection is the result of a rational thought towards function, capable of intelligently translating the typological variables of outdoor use.