BRAND Fantoni
DESIGNER Project office
Onegloss is the new surface by Fantoni that enhances the technicality of the furnishing sector, especially the office sector, with a product that combines aesthetic requirements with a series of fundamental characteristics for the market. First and foremost, Onegloss is an anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection finish. Extremely matt, it is characterised by a low specular reflection of light. An intense matt finish that makes it impenetrable and refined. Soft to the touch, velvety, it gives an understated and versatile elegance. Above all, it is a finish that the company declares to be 100 per cent recyclable, manufactured according to processes that reduce environmental impact. A concept that is in line with the company's strategy of using materials that are as recyclable as possible and which, with a view to the circular economy, recovers and re-values resources within the production and consumption cycle. A leader in the production of MDF, chipboard and laminate panels, and a protagonist in the international panorama of office furniture and soundproofing systems, with Onegloss the Friuli-based company reconfirms its commitment to the study of materials, finishes and surfaces that become a field of research for interior design and the furnishing world.