Yaku by Gervasoni

BRAND Gervasoni
Gabriele and Oscar Buratti sign for Gervasoni Yaku, an indoor collection composed of dining table and bench. Simplicity and essentiality are the keywords that define the project: the Yaku term is a reference to the Japanese tradition of experimenting with the combination of simple elements and refined compositions. The Yaku collection is a hymn to wood in its purest forms: the primary wooden elements are presented in their essentiality, used in clean cuts that highlight refined sections and proportions, overlapping and slightly spaced out to create a delicate vanishing line. The table and bench components, characterised by simple geometric shapes, seem to be assembled in a compositional, elegant and sophisticated framework, reminiscent of the ancient oriental interlocking game designed to create symmetrical three-dimensional units. The products are made of ash wood, available in in three special wood colours and two different sizes.