DR 01 by Karimoku Furniture

DESIGNER Daniel Rybakken
The DR 01 chair, designed by Daniel Rybakken, is a new product for Mas a one of the sub collection of Karimoku Furniture. This one debuted in 2018 and is distinguished by the use of coniferous wood such as Japanese cypress. The chair is very compact in size but has a high level of comfort. The design feels utilitarian and ever-lasting, while at the same time precise and elegant. Archetypical, but at the meantime new. The wood of conifers is relatively softer and lighter than that of broad-leaved trees and is therefore generally considered unsuitable for furniture production that requires robustness. However, Mas overcomes the barrier with Karimoku’s technology and structure.
Mas overcomes this challenge thanks to Karimoku’s technology and production structure, skilfully enhancing the features of the material, a precious fruit of the Japanese forests, with modern creativity.