VentiTre by Lema

Lema once again revolutionizes the concept of walk-in closet giving life to VentiTre: a highly customizable modular system with low environmental impact. VentiTre has in fact been conceived to be, at the end of its life cycle, easily disassembled in all its components. One product, three proposals, six new material finishes, 35 colors and countless combinations, to choose from, from the most essential to the most complete. In the version without wall panels, VentiTre presents itself as a simple, intelligent and versatile system that outlines the environment with lightness. For a more complex design proposal, VentiTre makes the panel the protagonist, elevating it to a canvas on which to give life to your project. Lema also offers a walk-in closet embroidered to measure your personality, a made-to-measure project that realizes the customer’s wishes with a very careful look at the impact on the environment. Design Officinadesign Lema.