Sashimono by Ludovica Mascheroni

DESIGNER Project office
The Sashimono closet, designed by Ludovica Mascheroni, takes its inspiration for its easy and intuitive assembly from the ancient Japanese art of wood joinery. This age-old technique makes it possible to create potentially infinite numbers of complex structures by interlocking simple wooden joints, without the use of fastening materials. Sashimono is a modular wardrobe with details in ash wood, upholstery that can be chosen among a variety of leather, nabuk or eco-leather, and back panels in wallpaper. Provided with led lights inside, the closet is available with doors in glass or leather with metal finish. The project expresses an aesthetic beauty that is never an end in itself, but refers to a tangible characteristic i.e. the possibility of accommodating and storing not mere garments, but fine quality clothes that deserve to be properly stored over time.